Pilatus Aircraft Sales

When you hire JetSwiss you’re hiring a partner—which, over time, becomes an enriching relationship.  JetSwiss is the backbone of Pilatus aircraft sales for many owners, operators, and pilots.  Our proven expertise, crafted during the last 18 years of selling new and used Pilatus airplanes, provides you with valuable insights when evaluating your options.

The second you engage JetSwiss, we go to work. From delivery and acceptance, to transition and mentor flying, we assist you with it all. Our “TO LIFT” approach (Training, Operations, Legal, Insurance, Finance and Taxes) to aircraft sales has widely been held by our customers as paramount to their success. Our relationships with the Pilatus Dealer Network only serves to enhance your process. Hiring JetSwiss as your Pilatus advocate can save you time, money and possibly an occasional headache.

“I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat—worth every penny…” – Joe Wortman

Pre-Owned Pilatus Aircraft Sales

Most folks have made the decision to buy a pre-owned Pilatus airplane before they even call us. On one hand this seems crazy, but really it makes sense. Buying a pre-owned aircraft, car, boat, or even refrigerator comes down to really one thing: an individual perception of value. “I know I want a pre-owned XYZ, now I just want the prettiest one with low mileage, with the best equipment options, for the best price…” Sound familiar? Understanding this very simple concept affords JetSwiss the necessary tools to navigate the pre-owned aircraft mine field.

Acquisition Services

One of our founding principles at JetSwiss has been to constantly ask ourselves, “What is the customer paying for?” When you hire JetSwiss to buy a pre-owned Pilatus aircraft, you receive:

  • Market knowledge
  • Sourcing of aircraft
  • Aircraft maintenance and systems expertise
  • Inspection(s) oversight
  • Negotiating skills
  • Closing diligence

Broker Services

There are several options for broker services in the aviation industry. Some tout “off market” or having magic involved when it comes to brokering an aircraft. In reality, buyers simply want to be engaged in the “Big Six.”  

The “Big Six”

  • Pricing
  • Specific Aircraft Expertise & Story
  • Marketing smart
  • Negotiating
  • Sales Process (showings, pre-purchase oversight, etc)
  • Retail customer engagement/Post-closing follow through

JetSwiss is an aviation specialization company. Many times both the Seller and Buyer in a transaction engage us for each of their specific needs.  This enhances value and the sales process for everyone.  We look at brokering of an aircraft as an all-encompassing or panoptic endeavor, rather than a simple point of sale. 

Our goal:  Create value for the seller and the buyer.

Pre-owned Pilatus aircraft sales

New Aircraft Sales Consulting *

Thinking about a new aircraft? Let JetSwiss help. We’re the first to tell you, we are not a new aircraft dealer. However, we have over 14 years of experience selling new aircraft: selecting options, selecting interiors, selecting paint, test flights, deliveries, etc. If it makes sense to have help and insight on your side to assist the process, then you’ve landed at the right place – JetSwiss new aircraft consulting.*

*DISCLAIMER: JetSwiss, and/or any of it’s affiliates, is not a registered Pilatus Aircraft factory representative. JetSwiss makes no representations of any kind in the ability to market and sell factory new Pilatus Aircraft.