Pilatus Aircraft

Don Peterson shares more about the Pilatus Aircraft

The Aircraft

‘Swiss Army Rolex” was the phrase coined by a US Pilatus Dealer (Western Aircraft) back in the late 90’s. This unique description exemplifies the Pilatus PC-12. Other phrases followed, such as ‘Turbine Suburban’, and so on. There’s not much anyone can add to describe this fantastic machine. To explore the Pilatus PC-12 further click on one of the links below.


Helpful links on the PC-12:



The Flight Line (show aired on the Discovery Network’s Velocity Channel): 


The Dealer Network

Set up in 1996, the Pilatus Dealer Network was originally comprised of “mom and pop” organizations. Several of these are still in existence today. Although a couple have changed hands and new Dealers have been inserted, the core group of folks still remain as the backbone of the dealer network.

Tasked with introducing this new Swiss made single engine turbo-prop to the US market, the dealer network spent countless hours doing flight demonstrations, displaying the aircraft at trade shows and air shows, thus proving the concept of single engine turbine operations. There was no better group of folks to do it. These passionate aviators and business owners believed early and became 100% committed to the PC-12 and to Pilatus as a company. When you consider it, the dealer network exhibited many of the same qualities that the very folks in Switzerland had in producing the aircraft!  As a former Pilatus factory demo pilot, and then as a dealer for the majority of my life, I experienced the first hand workings of the dealer network.  Good folks -- period.

For more information on the Dealer Network and contact information, click this link: http://www.pilatus-aircraft.com/#15