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  • Pilatus by the Numbers

    The Pilatus “By the Numbers”
    It seems like every day we are surrounded by specific expertise in our lives.   An accountant, lawyer, doctor, contractor, etc, they all have expertise in their specific topic areas.  Also, they have the unique ability to apply this expertise to a specific scenario (us).  The age of the “do-it-yourself” home improvement store/Saturday morning warrior has been with us for over 20 years.  I must confess, I even have a close personal relationship with my tool belt! However, I am not about to go build a house. When was the last time you did your own taxes?  Or, you set up your own will and trust documents?  If your answer is “never” or “not since I was 20 years old” then you understand my point.  Of course, the natural instinct is to engage a professional in these topic areas, but what happens with a different subject area such as aviation?
    Purchasing or selling an aircraft with sophisticated and technologically advanced systems is no different.  The risk/reward scale is filled with $10,000 bricks at every turn.  Sure, there are those who will forge ahead by themselves, or perhaps with their pilot navigating the course — all with the intent of saving money.  But, ask yourself, “What have I gained?  What have I risked?  What have I saved?”
    So much of aviation can move the needle vastly, whereby a mistake or two can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.   As an example, a poorly written or executed purchase agreement can expose you to undue risk, or even provide the groundwork for a lawsuit.   How about the aircraft that is incorrectly priced for sale and not properly negotiated?  Don’t think for a second that this can’t move the “results” needle in a big way.
    When we started JetSwiss one of our primary goals was to provide folks an option for walking the Pilatus ownership path.  This path incorporates several components.  Put differently, it’s the “numbers” that can establish a framework for expectations and exemplify a positive ownership path.  Our clients pay for expertise.  They pay for an expectation and commensurate result.  They pay to mitigate risk, save time, and ultimately save money in the end.  Most importantly, if we’ve done our job correctly, the amount of money our clients may pay us in a transaction becomes inconsequential, because the results far outweigh the expense.  Mission accomplished…
    Here’s a look at some of the “numbers” we deal with everyday:
    18        = Manuals and Operational Instruction booklets
    2307  = Total Pages of all Manuals and Instruction booklets
    386     = Maintenance Service Bulletins and Product Improvements since 1994
    11        = Number of PC-12 Variants (lineage) since 1994
    28        = Pages in an average Aircraft Purchase Agreement
    6569  = Pages in the Pilatus Maintenance manual
    17        = Different CD’s of DataDocumentationSoftware for a PC-12
    4         = Inches of PaperworkDiligence, and Information JetSwiss provides to you at delivery
    23        = Pages in Pilatus Warranty and Navdata subscription agreements 
    18        = Years of Pilatus Experience JetSwiss provides its clients
    Our Promise
    The numbers listed above have tremendous significance.  Our expertise encompasses every single one.  We guarantee that your experience, process, and satisfaction will be directly impacted by the knowledge of these numbers.  JetSwiss will guarantee this satisfaction.
    Fly safe. Fly Swiss.
    JetSwiss specializes in the sales, management, and operations of Pilatus aircraft. With over 17 years intimately involved with the Pilatus Factory/Dealer program, JetSwiss has the resources, knowledge, and expertise that produce positive results.
    If you currently own a Pilatus or you’ve been considering a Pilatus, if have questions about Pilatus, or you might benefit from having an expert on your team, we invite you to contact us today.
    Contact us today!
    Email: sales@jetswiss.com

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