JetSwiss The Company

Our Vision

JetSwiss is involved in sales and business development every day. From our perspective, an effective sales process is about sharing your company’s great talents and strengths and connecting powerfully with those who are a strong fit to your efforts in terms of values, approach, style and outcomes. We strive to be open, honest, and transparent about who we are and what we deliver. By incorporating these principles, while serving as an effective listener, decision-maker and team-builder, we help our customers achieve results they want and need.

When we started JetSwiss it was not hard to formulate what the company was going to be about.  Obviously Pilatus was our focus, but more importantly, taking our core beliefs, values, and past business experiences helped form our founding principles.  We strive to keep these in the forefront of our daily lives and practices. Say what you mean, mean what you say...

Our Expertise

JetSwiss is an aircraft specialization firm. We’ve drawn upon our years of experience to construct a laser precision approach to aircraft sales, management, and operations. By exemplifying our strengths it allows us to harness 100% of our focus and energy on the Pilatus aircraft itself and each individual Pilatus customer.

We have lived Pilatus since 1998. Our flight log book dates back to the very first production PC-12 (sn 101). We have grown intimately with the Pilatus factory and dealer networks. For instance, we were there in the early days when almost every system was constantly under review or improvement; to the original Honeywell Apex presentation on the NG system; to current systems on the aircraft. Simply put, JetSwiss has traveled through the many chapters in the book of Pilatus. 

Our Team

Don Peterson

Founder & Enthusiast

A native of Nebraska, Don started his career as a demonstration/test pilot for the Pilatus Factory back in the late 90’s. He has amassed more than 5,000 hours of Pilatus flight time over the past 17 years.  A married father of three, Don devotes his off time to his family, his love of golf, and flying.

Other interesting facts about Don:

  • ATP/CFI/CFII/MEI –type rated CE500 series
  • Got the nickname “Bub” as a young child
  • Raised, trained, and showed competitive quarter horses growing up
  • What energizes Don: the people and relationships around me

Loran Lonergran

Office Manager

A native of Kansas City, Loran started her career in the hospitality industry. Fittingly, she’s spent her entire career working directly with people and organizations in various “difference maker” roles.  From accounting to customer service, or managing an entire corporate department, Loran’s experience is summarized by her 100% commitment to impacting those around her.

Other interesting facts about Loran:

  • Married mother of six
  • Enjoys volleyball, biking, and music
  • Worked with special needs kids in a foster care program
  • What energizes Loran: making people happy and being organized

Max Mortell

Director of Marketing and Business Development

A native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Max obtained his pilots license after graduating from Marquette University. He spent seven years with Cirrus Aircraft gaining valuable experience in general aviation. Max loves being in the aviation industry because he can combine his passion for aviation and professional career into an exciting life for him and his family.  

Other interesting facts about Max: 

  • 1500 hour commercially rated pilot
  • Loves to spend time on the water in Door County, WI
  • Enjoys golf, football, and flying to unique destinations
  • What energizes Max: Seeing results from hard work.

Scott Glenn

Sales Director

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Scott has been surrounded by airplanes in one shape or another his entire life.  He has spent over a decade in the aircraft sales industry traveling the globe and living abroad. If you don't find Scott at the local FBO, he's either at the JetSwiss headquarters or on the golf course.

Other interesting facts about Scott:

  • Private Pilot, turning a passion and hobby into a career.
  • Played golf at the Division 1 collegiate level.
  • "Girl Dad" - Proud father of two girls
  • What energizes Scott: The process.

Diana Smotherman

Client Relations Manager

Diana entered general aviation almost 20 years ago where her affection for Pilatus Aircraft was born.  Most of those years were spent with a Pilatus Sales Center involved in the day to day sales and delivery process. Coordinating and Client Relations are Diana's strong suit, from assisting buyers in selecting specifications to strategically walking clients through the sales transaction.  Diana is married and has two beautiful daughters.  She enjoys traveling in her RV, spending time outdoors, and on the beach. 

Other interesting facts about Diana:

  • Coached competitive gymnastics for 10 years.
  • Would rather drive than fly. 
  • Enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community
  • What energizes Diana: The relationships developed and observing the clients's excitement on delivery day

Carlie Koziol

Marketing Coordinator - Digital and Creative

Born and raised in Olathe, Kansas, Carlie has not flown far from the nest. This past summer, Carlie learned about Marketing and Business Development for JetSwiss Aviation as the first ever intern.  She quickly picked up on the excitement around aviation from her passionate colleagues.  Carlie will graduate in the winter of 2020 from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Italian.  

Other interesting facts about Carlie:

  • An avid artist.
  • Enjoys cooking and traveling. 
  • Never flown in a private aircraft, yet! 
  • What energizes Carlie: Creativity and collaboration. 

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