Pilatus Purchase: A Buyer’s Perspective

  • Pilatus Purchase: A Buyer’s Perspective

    JetSwiss recently met Ray , an Airforce Veteran and retired maintenance director of 30+ years.  He arrived at our facility to evaluate a PC-12 we had for sale on a beautiful fall afternoon last year.
    Ray is a wonderful mix of spunk, common sense, FAA knowledge, and street smarts. He reviewed every inch of our PC-12; documents, manuals, logbooks, etc.  It was like being involved in an IRS audit and FAA practical exam combined.  Our initial impressions of Ray can easily be summed up by two attributes that were blatantly apparent: 1) we appreciated the diligence Ray was going through for his client, and 2) there was never any doubt of where his heart was—he had his client’s best interest.  Enough said, these are two things that we at JetSwiss appreciate and live by as well!
    After we wrapped up the transaction, we jumped at the opportunity to share Ray’s perspective on working with us….
    Drop us a note or call.  Let us show you how we do things.  We welcome the opportunity!
    JetSwiss specializes in the sales, management, and operations of Pilatus aircraft.  With over 17 years intimately involved with the Pilatus Factory/Dealer program, JetSwiss has the resources, knowledge, and expertise that produce positive results.
    If you currently own a Pilatus or you’ve been considering a Pilatus, if have questions about Pilatus, or you might benefit from having an expert on your team, we invite you to contact us today.
    www.jetswiss.com/contact                  Info@jetswiss.com
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